2 awesome flavors.


What’s Up Energy is a proprietary formula which resulted from intense research, coupled with ingenuity and partnerships with the most experienced flavor houses leading the industry.

It is currently offered in two smooth, refreshing, and delicious flavors; Original and Mint Lemonade

Original Flavor

The crisp Original flavor cuts through your taste buds, greeting your tongue with a resounding WHAT'S UP, and a solid punch to your throat, awakening your senses with a surge of long lasting energy.

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Mint Lemonade

Mint Lemonade combines the two ingredients of choice for kings and queens of the past. A combination reserved for royalty, now brought to humanity in a manner befitting and worthy of praise.

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Made with 100% of pure awesome stuff

  • Taurine, D-Glucuronolactone, and Inositol

    Essential aminos increases energy and reduces recovery time. Enhances mental alertness and focus.

  • 60 Calories Per Can

    Half the calories of most energy drinks on the market.

  • Enhanced with Essential B-vitamins

    B-vitamins play an essential role with normal body functions including maintaining brain and nervous system health.

  • Electrolytes to Boost Hydration

    Supports the body during maximum energy expenditure. Increases stamina and endurance while keeping muscles recharged.

  • All Natural Flavors

    Only the best ingredients.